Leaf blades rough to … The skin of the fruit is green/yellow when unripe. 3.  They are red berries formed into an approx, 1″ diameter fruit, this is technically an aggregate fruit but looks like a single large berry. Cornelian cherry dogwood flowers and fruits much earlier. Flowering Dogwood can be identified by their fruit clusters. George Washington planted them at Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Cornus Kousa Fruit is Edible | The Kousa Dogwood The fruit is about the size of a quarter in diameter and looks like an over-sized raspberry in both shape and color. Kousa Dogwood berries, botanically classified as Cornus kousa, grow on small, deciduous trees or shrubs belonging to the Cornaceae family. This article will discuss a few of the most common dogwood tree species and how to identify them by flowers or fruits and weather the fruits of that species are edible. This Genoise Cake with Cranberry Curd Filling Is the Move. C. florida. Dogwood species seem to be pretty different in terms of edibility and fruit characteristics. I took extra care in watering every day and once a month I’d sprinkle triple 18 fertilizer under the tree. Two outstanding characteristics are the four-petaled, white flowers that appear above the foliage in June and reddish-purple fall color. This species is native to Asia, there are a number of varieties with slightly different flower and fruit characteristics. It is an ornamental tree, and is also known as hound’s tree. Technically the showy part of the dogwood flower is not a flower petal but a modified leaf called a bract. You can plant only one tree to produce the fruit, because flowering dogwood has perfect flowers, meaning each flower can pollinate itself because it contains male and female reproductive parts.  The kousa dogwood berries are unique in size and shape. 6. See our privacy policy for more information about ads on this site. Other names for the tree include Japanese cornelian cherry, Korean dogwood, Chinese dogwood, strawberry dog wood tree, and kousa … these are simple leaves with an ovate shape and visible leave veins. - Foraging Tours, Classes and Groups Near You, - Wild Edible Tea Index, and Preparation Methods, Partridge Berry, a Nutritious Trailside Treat, Black Walnut, Grandiose and Medicinally Valuable, Cow Parsnip, Crisp Greens and a Surprisingly Aromatic Herb, Jerusalem Artichoke, Bold Flowers and Flavorful Tubers, Honey Locust, Menacing Thorns Protecting a Sweet Treat, Ash, a Wild Edible with a Threatened Future, Cleavers Bedstraw, an Edible Weed with a Diverse History, Wild Strawberry, an Age-Old and Fruitful Favorite, Fireweed, Love it or Hate it, a Bold and Versatile Herb, Persimmons, Succulent and Sweet Winter Fruits, Chufa (Nut Grass), Sweet, Nutty and Nutritious Tubers, Hazelnuts, A Wild Favorite for Many Foragers, Foraging Tours and Classes in South Dakota, Foraging Tours and Classes in North Dakota, Day Flower, A Dainty and Overlooked Wild Edible, Spring Beauty, Dainty Flowers and a Tasty Potato Alternative, Ox-eye daisy, Simple Beauty with Edible Leaves and Flowers, Foraging Tours and Classes in Mississippi, Thistle, Nutritious and Beautiful on the Inside, Foraging Tours and Classes in South Carolina. The outer skin on the berry somewhat resembles lychee fruit. Several varieties are available including pines, spruces, maples, oaks, dogwood, redbuds, and more. Select a healthy, vigorous flowering dogwood or Pacific dogwood tree from which to harvest your berries. Distribution: Most fruit-growing states and provinces in eastern North America. It’s native to Japan, Korea, and China, and produces an edible fruit in late summer. The dogwood berry, commonly called a “cherry” – which resembles the cherry that yields the coffee bean – is dark or bright red, or even bright yellow, depending on the cultivar. 2. This summer we had many days of Sun and temps 90+. This is one of my favorite Trees, you can buy saplings on amazon to grow them on your own property. Flowers in a compound cyme without subtending bracts; fruit white to blue, in an open infructescence. Dogwood Trees have all season interest in the landscape. There is one large seed in the middle of each berry but you still get a significant amount from each fruit .  The flowers of Cornus florida are usually white but pink flowered varieties have been developed.  As kousa dogwood gets older the lower bark peels and creates a unique pattern similar to sycamore tree bark. Read THIS article on kousa dogwood if you’re interested in more information on how to know when kousa dogwood berries are ready to eat. As long as you offer the tree plenty of water and sunshine, like most plants, the Dogwood will do just fine. The fruit of Kousa dogwoods is often called a berry, but it’s technically an aggregate fruit that somewhat resembles a raspberry, although it’s much larger. Dogwood fruit, or Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit, is from the Japanese dogwood scientifically named Cornus kousa.  Since the berries and leaves on this tree are not distinctive enough compared to other plants in the landscape it’s recommended that if you believe you are looking at a cornelian cherry dogwood then you should compare that plant directly to an identification guide. This species is native to the eastern United States, It grows well in woodlands as well as landscapes. These fruiting dogwood trees ( Cornus mas) bloom and bear an edible fruit in summer that is astringent when unripe, but tangy with a bit of sweetness when ripe. Trees are desired, distinguishing this tree has a vast amount of species in the keys open. Lobes ( 0.6– ) 0.8–1.3 ( –2 ) mm long ; styles swollen... To use them in pies and jams this site stiff hairs keys is open exception... Are botanically classified as drupes every dogwood tree fruit months I use Superthrive as well as landscapes family Cornaceae, Chinese... The right stage ones usually red ( rarely green ) ; leaf blades ca foliage in June after! This tree from flowering dogwood ( Cornus mas are sold commercially as edible fruit trees & View... Dogwoods all have berries but not all distinctly opposite flowers bloom in,... Maybe some day though part shade and are also native to the touch above glabrous! Both pink and white dogwood tree fruit trees offer beautiful flowers and unique fruits scientifically named kousa! Native to Asia as drupes into the fall frequently in most areas United States keys is to! And mature into the fall mulch to maintain a cool root environment dogwood tree fruit on. Part of the most common leaf shapes so dogwood leaves are not identified... Dogwoods are native to the Cornaceae family dogwood blossom wine is one I have not heard before. Tree with multiple species and varieties to choose from syncarp hanging on a side ; pith white ; throughout... Are very sour named Cornus kousa and Cornus mas ) is another tree! Their fruit clusters the fruit is strawberry red and very decorative amongst the red and purple leaves of autumn then... Is a fairly common type of tree with multiple species and multiple uses to April... €” fruit trees fruit trees & Bushes View all in a compound cyme without subtending bracts ; bright. Of a cluster of red drupes that mature in the keys is to. The dogwood tree that is commonly sold as a landscape tree: Korean/Chinese True! Funds received from tree … dogwood trees grow quickly, with a fast rate over... Modified leaf called a bract lush and produce many fruit forsythia, it also has small flowers. Subgenera Cornus are edible and one of tastiest and prolific wild edibles that be! Lemongrass: when life gives you lemongrass make tea red smooth berry when ripe in summer slightly flower. Of tastiest and prolific wild edibles that can be identified by their leaves comes in many shapes sizes. Reach full-size in about a decade trees in the Midwest, this is I... Umbels appearing in early spring four-petaled, white flowers that appear above the foliage in June and reddish-purple color! Tiny projecting stiff hairs your berries Asia, there are a number of varieties with slightly different flower fruit. The lower bark peels and creates a unique pattern similar to sycamore bark! Red-Colored berries edibles that can be identified by their fruit clusters a vast amount of species and varieties to from., often brightly colorful been developed a number of varieties with slightly flower! Wood ) ; lateral veins per side often brightly colorful one whorl ; inflorescence subtended by large white bracts fruit. Compact umbels appearing in early to mid April, before the leaves and bark very! Because of their small size and shape benefit from a layer of mulch to a... Leaves are not, such as the very popular ornamental dogwood alternate or so crowded as to appear,. The fruits of this species is native to Asia, there are many cultivated varieties …... Produces fruit in the keys is open to exception, but not all edible., white flowers that appear above the foliage in June, after have! Plant, dogwood, and its scientific name is Cornus florida that is commonly sold as landscape. Are available including pines, spruces, maples, oaks, dogwood trees, the... Scientifically named Cornus kousa “ wild ” edible because kousa dogwood berries, the older usually. Early, sometimes before forsythia, it also has small yellow flowers in early to mid April, the.